January 8, 2021

The Easiest DIY Elopement Sign for Your Hiking Elopement

If you want a crafty, frugal, fun and special alternative to buying an elopement sign on Etsy or Amazon, simply make your own sign for your hiking elopement! It’s so simple, and is such a memorable activity that both you and your partner can do together before the special day! 

There are NO rules to the wording that you can put on your sign, so you can truly make it unique to your love story by including locations, dates, names, phrases or even drawings that speak to you both. By doing this, some of my couples felt that their sign was so special that they hung it up in their home after the elopement day because they made their sign truly unique to them! I painted “We Eloped,” but definitely don’t feel limited in what you can do! 

Basically, just have fun with this activity! Be present and relax. 

PRO TIP: Cuddle up somewhere cozy with your love, put some relaxing or up-beat music on, and make it a date! 

Couple wearing backpacks on their hiking elopement

Elopement sign step-by-step tutorial: 

You can spend however long you’d like on your elopement sign, especially if you have a lot of time before your special day. For mine, I spent about three hours sketching and painting the lettering to get it the way I wanted. Times will obviously vary depending on how simple or complex your design(s) and/or quote! 

1. Gather your materials and supplies! 

I made this “We Eloped” sign for under 12 dollars at Michaels, and I only bought three art supplies! Seriously–it’s that simple!

You’ll need: 

  • A wooden board 
  • A bottle of white (or whatever color(s) you want) acrylic paint 
  • An acrylic paint brush 
A wooden board, a bottle of white acrylic paint, an acrylic paint brush and doggy paws.
Dog not needed, but makes creating fun. (:

2. Go online to brainstorm and research ideas! 

I like to do a quick search on Google or Pinterest to just brainstorm ideas for font types, sayings, or designs. This simple research helps to get the gears in my brain turning, and may help you come up with ideas too! If you don’t want to use Google or Pinterest, you can always go back to old letters or notes you’ve written to each other or to songs you both connect with in order to make your sign truly original to your love story! 

3. Sketch your letters/design using a pencil. 

Here comes the fun part! If you trust your hand at painting, you can skip this part entirely, but if you want a little wiggle room before you commit to using your acrylic paint, I’d suggest sketching your letters or design first! This definitely made me feel more comfortable and not so worried about my design.  

4. Start painting!  

After you’ve sketched your letters/design, go ahead and start painting! Have a glass of water ready to wet your brush, and maybe some newspaper to prevent the paint from getting onto your table or whatever surface you choose to paint on! If you have varying sizes of paint brushes here ranging from small to medium, this will make painting easier, but if you only have one (I only had one), you can still get the job done nicely!

Painting the letters to an elopement sign

5. You’re done! 

YAY! You’ve finished your masterpiece, and hopefully had a fun date with your love along the way! After your ceremony on your elopement day, make sure to attach it to one of your backpacks so your photographer can get a good shot of it! If you want to know more about what backpacks are great for your hiking elopement, check out my Georgia Elopement Guide!

I'm a small wedding and elopement photographer based in the beautiful and mountainous North Georgia. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and truly believe that it's my life's calling to capture and craft incredible elopement days for intentional, eco-conscious couples! But, when I'm not adventuring with couples, you can find me out in nature with my adventure pup Kamots and my love Robert. 

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